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Dauntless BJJ

Dauntless Martial Arts at 4446 Summit Bridge Rd. Newark DE. 19709 offers BJJ students quality, in depth teaching from a large knowledge base of almost every BJJ position. Allen & Maribeth Sachetti are not doing this as their hobby, they both have distinguished fighting careers in BJJ, Grappling, NHB, MMA, Stick Fighting & Sport Knife Fighting. They have spent serious time with the worlds best like Rickson Gracie, Royler Gracie, Luiz Palhares, Renato Migiliaccio, Claudio Fontes, Leo Gaje and more to also develop skills on their own at great depth through constant repetition and wrestling.

All that being said what makes Dauntless the best BJJ around quite frankly is the way they teach. The Sachetti’s have an in depth curriculum that shows students EVERYTHING, all the moves, submissions, escapes and the flow in between. They hold nothing back when they teach giving detailed explanation as you learn showing you things that you would otherwise miss with a legitimate concern for your development.

Dauntless is not like other BJJ schools where the teacher works a full time job and just does BJJ as a hobby, so that when you go there he just goes over what he wants and then uses you at the end to wrestle for him to practice his moves. NO at Dauntless they teach you step by step, breaking down all facets of the move and then give you time to practice UNTIL YOU ARE GOOD!! Ask as many questions as you like and they will give the answers, then build you up in positional wrestling first before you start going further and further. Come in and talk to the guys there who have been with Mr. Sachetti for 3, 4 and 5 years. THEY ARE GOOD.

– Mike Bailey


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