Dauntless BJJ Delaware – Important Energies From The Guard

In the Guard there are some very common and frequent attacks that occur in BJJ, Submission Grappling and MMA competitions. The opponent will try to go under the legs and throw them over your head or they may try to push down on your legs and step or drive over them. Each of these attacks to your guard are so frequent that they demand you spend a certain amount of time getting use to them. Also if the opponent is particular larger and stronger than you, these attacks can be more challenging.

However there is a quick and easy way to react to these energies BUT it must be instinctual for you. Here Sensei Sachetti goes into great detail on how your must react to each energy. After you watch the video the next step is to come into Dauntless in Newark Delaware and PRACTICE  our specific BJJ drills that develop this skill in you so that it becomes instinct. Call us at 302-743-3115 to try a Free Lesson.


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