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Seen Here Rickson Gracie With Allen J. Sachetti At His BJJ Blue Belt Test In 1994

My journey into BJJ and Submission Grappling Started with Rickson Gracie in 1994. I then spent spent  the next 21 years of my life continuing to perfect this art. BJJ, Grappling or whatever you want to call it comes down to 3 Core Applications: SENSITIVITY – TECHNIQUE – REACTION TIME.

SENSITIVITY for me is reading and feeling what my opponent is going to do before he does it or as he is doing it. I always tell my BJJ students “If your not reading, your not succeeding”. Of course this ability is only developed by time with a proper instructor pointing out things you are missing or oblivious too. What I try to do with students is engage them in the “Tactile”. Many people are lacking in this area, it is not that they do not feel or sense the energy and actions of their opponents but they have become oblivious to these energies.

Making them aware of what they are missing takes a good 6 months up front but if you spend the time to point these things out to the student and get him to start recognizing what he feels on his own you will have a much better fighter in the long run.

TECHNIQUE is the precision and quality that one can achieve in understanding and execution of their moves. The quickest way to make a student bad at technique is to get him to try and learn from books or videos. Because with books and videos he can NEVER feel the move. Techniques are intricate and they are also Tactile. You must FEEL every single detail as you are in the RESISTANCE of the fight. Feeling each detail, each step of a particular move over and over in repetitions with a partner feeding you a specific energy is invaluable.

Doing this you stop trying to memorize the move with you vision and you start making the move part of your being with your tactile sense. Taking your time with moves in your reps is also very important. So are so many parts of techniques that people can miss if they race this process. There is a reason for each step of a move and again they must be felt over time again and again until they become reflex.

REACTION TIME is when you feel an energy or attack and INSTANTLY put in the right Technique before the energy changes. Of course this is the ability we constantly strive for but it is something we do very well at Team Dauntless.  Once you are able to do this it will look AMAZING, because not only will you look much faster but it will be like the opponent can do nothing to do you without you using that energy against him.

IF YOU are truly interested in gaining a much higher skill level at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling then call me Sensei Sachetti at Dauntless. Because this school does not exist just to do a business. It is not my hobby or something I just dabble in, it is my Life, my Trade and my Full Time Duty. There is not a day where I wake up and do not find myself in a position or energy where I am perfecting my Sensitivity, Technique and Reaction Time.

Every day of my life I am improving my technique, the flow of my techniques from one to another and the transition of positions. Not only for straight grappling but ultimately for the complete fight in MMA with striking and the Street where everything goes.





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