GE DIGITAL CAMERADauntless Offers Kids 3-13 The Best Martial Arts Courses In Delaware


Tiny Grapplers 3-5 Years Old – Only $69.95 / Month

Kids Unlimited BJJ 5-13 – Only $99.95/Month

Basic And Intermediate BJJ Courses And MMA Summer Camps

The Dauntless BJJ Curriculum is a masterpiece of step by step, detailed instruction for children. With practical 2 person drills so that allow kids to learn the moves of this Tactile Art instinctively as they improve their sensitivity, technique and reaction time. From this we also see a genuine confidence emerge as kids start to believe in themselves based on their performance in actual grappling. Most children in the beginning do not win, but they are properly encouraged and soon learn that to win in BJJ it requires time, focus and diligence. Teaching them that this is the way to achieve in life at an early age gives them a tremendous advantage for obtaining goals in other areas of life as they grow.

I started my kids learning with Mr. & Mrs Sachetti at Dauntless years ago when they were in Bear, DE. They helped my 2 boys not only gain a real skill level but game them Self Respect, Discipline and Perseverance that I know is helping them in college today. Now I am bringing my Grandson to learn from them. To put it simply there is no one with a better skill level in Delaware who works harder on kids. THEY ARE GREAT!! – Doug Petterman / Newark DE.

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