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The Dauntless Intermediate BJJ Course is about taking you from Blue to Purple Belt.  A Comprehensive course taking you from Fundamental principles into more advanced techniques. Stand Up explodes from Base, Movement, Grips, Sensitivity, Precision, Strategy and Counter Offense. Dauntless gives you even more than Judo and Jiu-Jitsu knowledge but also in depth Grecco Roman and Free Style Wrestling knowledge has integrated into a very complete Stand Up Grappling game. Whether you are Gi or No gi you will be getting the take down and countering any attempts of your opponent.

On the Ground the Mount now evolves from low and high variations to the Fetal Mount. The Guard again explodes from Closed to Open, Spider, Dela Riva, Butterfly, X-Guard, Sit Up Guard, 1/2 Guard and more. Then for Guard Top we bring an expertise that few schools can match with Killing, Controlling and Passing from Knees, 1 Knee, Standing In and Standing Far to the Cross Body. Our Cross Body or Side Control game is something very different as we take you from Cross Body to North South, Alligator, Hammer and other positions. Next is the Turtle Top & Bottom game and Leg Locks that go far beyond just Knee Bars and Foot Locks with multiple Heal Hooks inside, outside and inverted to uniquely painful shin locks that will really give you an advantage.

This material is conducted for only Blue Belts and above Tues & Thrs Nights 5-6:00 PM

Fundamental BJJ – Tues & Thrs: 7-8:30 PM

Intermediate BJJ – Tues & Thrs: 5-6:00 PM

Open Mat Mix – Mon & Weds: 5-7:00 PM


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