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Sensei Allen J. Sachetti Seen Here Being Promoted To 2nd Degree Black Belt In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu By Professor Luiz Palhares (7th Degree Black Belt)

For me Advanced BJJ is much more that just learning moves and techniques, It has to do with something call FLOW. Flow is the sense to feel and know immediately exactly what your opponent is doing and then immediately, instinctually react to execute the exact right energy that counters his intent to give you an advantage.

Most people who do not do BJJ have no clue about what I am talking. When they link up with someone they are often very, very stiff and rigid. They do not move well and do not feel what other people or doing. Even worse their reactions are very wrong and get them into trouble.

From my life in BJJ (21 years now) I have to say that FLOW is the biggest advantage that I have gained. This coupled with an in depth knowledge of the mechanics of the human body in exactly how it moves in response to different energies, under different stresses in variations of different¬†situations with my ability to then immediately react always the RIGHT way to such energies to give me the advantage is what I call “Advanced BJJ”.

Developing this Flow and increasing the depth of knowledge in larger varieties of technique, positions and material is what I pursue in this class. Whatever position you choose there are principles there to be conscious of that improve your ability to rule your opponent. For example if I am in “Sit Up Guard” with my legs wrapped around one of the legs of a standing opponent who is trying to escape immediately the principles of stand up base become very apparent.

As I transition in the Sit Up Guard from side to side still holding the same leg I am able to generate a lot of torque and thereby test the base of my opponent. Everything that I have learned in years of Stand Up remains the same here. If my opponents legs get too close or too far apart he becomes easy prey or if he instead starts to try and recapture his base he begins then immediately giving certain energies in certain directions.

Depending on whether or not he is very good at his stand up, his energy may spill over at extremes as he tries to deal with the torque that I can create. If it does I have him, but if it does not and he executes only enough energy to stop himself from falling then I immediately can springboard off that energy to the next. NOW THE GAME BECOMES REALLY FUN!!!!

As I springboard from energy to energy and he attempts to keep his base or try and pull his leg out so many opportunities are created. I can execute multiple moves now no matter what he does with each landing him on his back or submitted in a heal hook or leg lock. At this point it all comes down to READING, feeling your opponent and knowing exactly what to do at the moment of his movement. For me the development of this depth of BJJ is very fun and rewarding for life.

– Allen J. Sachetti

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